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Friday, May 4th, 2012

the Full Moon Pickin Party
The Full Moon Pickin Party: starting - every spring on the full moons
Percy Warner Park
Nashville, Tennessee
you ess aye
at full moon time
Price: 20 bucks but only 5 if you bring an instrument, and you get 4 draft beer tickets and free soft drinks

Because I go to all the pickin parties, and end up playin to open for Bands on the main stage, I would like to show you all what a hoot this event is.  I dream about it in the off season, and am truly absorbed in contentment wondering around the grounds listening and breathing in the sights, sounds and smells on these enchanted evenings. 

My Husband's cousin's daughter Maggie Odle is hired to put them on in the beautiful percy warner Park for the metro parks department.  It is at a horse farm next to the steeple chase.

So i end up opening for acts and we bring the whole family, even smiley the dog. Maggie is a strong advocate for so many wonderful causes, that many celebrities have rallied in support of her.  She has donated a staggering amount of time to these causes, one of them being Animal protection. Since she has taken on this job as coordinator of the Full moon pickin parties, attendance has exploded.  there were 1700 people one night last year...cuz its just so dam much fun.. here is maggie odle:




















Here is a description I could share..with pics..

There are tons of old A team session players; many of Nashville’s best from her glory days of the Grand ol Opry

 and those monumental studio sessions that gave Nashville it’s name..

There are plenty of new up and comers too, all gathered around that wonderful old Norman Rockwell barn, and they spontaneously form into

 little groups just out of earshot from each other, whippin up a mess of tunes with all kinds of instruments--

Pretty soon stirring authentic roots music is wafting in and out of the barn rafters and willowing out into the tranquil starry night sky..

 with the scissor-tail barn-swallows diving in and out, bails of hay, picnic tables and park benches seat contented lovers of the celticly crafted, folky or appalation styled Americana music. Still, distant memories of the Old Country  can  always be heard in the notes and the lyrics are permeated with deep longings for a simpler time past.  Families on picnic blankets spread out in front of the main stage..

 Up front  the little toddlers are dancin up a storm on the grass in front of the band. 

 Good burgs or bbq cookin on the outside grill, mingled with the irresistable aroma of gourmet popcorn,

 with draft beer and all you can drink soda etc..not to mention those old 400 year old trees; hackberries, maples, giant oaks and cedars..just beautiful. 


And that big ol full moon is always perched up top the barn lighting the setting.




 heres me and Doug Beal, and Michael Shellard (who came to help me with the recording and even writing of the Life and Times album.  Michael and I wrote for his One Horse Blue chart successes, and our friendship has lasted decades, so has Douggie with us as well.  Doug has been my bass player writer friend with all of us in the Canadian West and Produces Videos in Nashville, as well as engineering sessions for Brian Ahearn of Emmy Lou etc.










Some memorable acts I've seen at the pickin party, who went on to stardom or were derived as an offshoot of it, were, among others, The Farewell Drifters and Tin Cup Gypsy.

The Farewell drifters were a bunch of college kids doing their own stuff as well as beatles songs etc. made folky or bluegrassy.  They simply blew my mind.  Such fresh material, that lifted you skyward in a little blissful hum.  something about those boys was innocent and sweet, yet penetrating to the core.  And i have never seen a better guitar player than this one..i may have seen his equal..not even sure about that.  But his playing is well up into another dimension that most of us can only marvel at cuz it makes us feel so good.  The tastiest licks that a song could call for is what he instinctively puts in there.  It made their originals stand up in the crowd like no other tunes out there.  since i've seen them play the pickin party, they have acheived a huge national success.

the farewell drifters







Tin Cup Gypsy were similarly very engaging, and so tasteful.  They would do fleetwood mac songs folkified or old 60's pop tunes done with a bluegrassy flair mixed in with well crafted originals.  And they were an offshoot of Sara Mclachlan's stage band..say no more!  they still play at the pickin party and you can buy their cd's, talk to them etc.


tin cup gypsy













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Monday, March 14th, 2011

the day gig - all year long

well, aside from playing at the full moon pickin parties at percy warner park throughout the summers in Nashville, i pretty much just play once in awhile with Douggie Beal at Alexanders, or play in the den with my zoom recorder.


i've been emailing tracks with my brother Aaron (we're the roons; a and shaye). uncle bruce and cousin todd (york) pitch in, and we send stuff over the wire to each other and to andrais schuld in vancouver too.  he can make a silk purse out of a sows ear..

i'll be trading tracks with bow (bowmeister; gary bowman)  michael shellard and rocko (one horse blue) gaye delorme and miles jackson hopefully some more, and of course george bradfute at the tone chapparal studio in madison tn -- the house jim reeves used to live in.  how neat is that..

and  when cris cuddy comes to town, then we're generally onto something.

otherwise i'm a bookblock editor every day at ingram/lightning source  and a wife and mom of 2 teens any other time.  so i may not be coming to your town..

then again    i might