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A boy went to a saint and asked if he would help him find God. The saint took him to a stream and dunked his head in the water, holding him down.The boy came up heaving desperately.  “What did you want most just then”?..The boy answered   ..”air”.   “When you want God that badly, come back.

God is for everyone.  If you feel pangs of separation from him and intense yearning to have him, Jesus can help.  But in misunderstanding his message, we have so diminished the magnitude of his mission.

We must do more than believe we have chosen some religion or custom he has endorsed. We must pray deeply to find him,  ever refining our attunement to his consciousness in the inner silence-- and transforming that attunement into loving service to him through others in our day to day lives.

Jesus said “ I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me”.  Being guided rightly means a river finally merges back into  the ocean deep.  What matter if the river be the Jordan, the Ganges or even the Mississippi, He came to help you where you are, for goodness sake.  If you are drowning, reaching desperately for father, he’s not going to make you play hide and seek. All his children he wants safely brought home to him.  The way, truth and life are rightly sought when they reveal to a purified heart finally, his grace; that thread of truth for you to follow-- that will lead you out of the maze.

If we are serious about finding an alternative to this world of strife, and helping others to do so also, We need slowly and carefully to develop and refine our sensitivities until we are able  to clearly perceive and receive God, for he is that existence that has become hidden from us with all the layers of habits and desires we have accumulated.  In turning again towards freedom, we begin to expand our awareness to include all that he is; which is the potential of all that we are in him. Our lives are transcended from the realm of the earthly cares of a separate entity, into the direct experience of a unified and divine intuitive flow.  How could we all be one?  Or as Jesus says “All be Gods”, and “ascend to Heaven from whence we have already descended”?  If he and his father are one, and we are his brothers and also heirs to the kingdom, than we too are potentially one with the father. We came from God and are on our way back to God. is it we could all be “One” though..?  In scientific terms it would mean “center everywhere, circumference nowhere”.  But to simplify, God is love. Remember being a little baby –Everything WAS that love. How could you differentiate it or separate it into just one thing…

“Father thou hast made us for thyself and we are restless until we find our rest in thee”

When you start experiencing God as infinite joy, you will be exerting the kind of energy that can propel you out of the material plane and into the heavenly realms more and more.  Finally you will reach the point where there is no need to come back any more to this worldy level at all.  There will be no lessons left to learn and your duty will be fulfilled.  You will be on your way home. 

One moon gives more light than all the stars.  One person who is advanced much spiritually can be a great power of upliftment to all. Your contentment and longing to help others is a vast power.  Through intense honing of your focus and concentration, one can start to infiltrate the deeper spheres of existence.  You will even annihilate time and space finally.  But when your thoughts are restless and lack power, there are thwarting cross currents to your if your mental citizens were pushing on both the back and the front of the bus to try and get you out of the mud.

You must pray and meditate deeply if you want out, otherwise you remain in the labyrinth.. you must find that thread that will lead you out from whence you came.  Only he who has descended already, ascends.  We were cast out into creation but it is up to us to find our way back.  We must assist the law of gravity on very subtle levels; the law of action and reaction applies to everything in our lives.  We must become in our awareness, a cause not an effect.  Jesus said we are Gods.  We have a lot of work ahead of us in this quest, but a lot of joy though, in the finding! We must not continue to let the world bat us around.. we gain control of our own destiny when we don’t react.  After all, all situations are neutral.  Things are only bad or good if you perceive them as such.  Why not think of something you habitually thought of as “bad”, as a great short cut home instead.. a chance to confront a misunderstanding, an opportunity to find out point blank, right now!!—where you have previously been going wrong, and correct it. You were perfectly happy before you saw that new car in the dealership window.  But, in reacting you now place vast limitations on your happiness by conditioning yourself to think “now I won’t be happy until I get that car”.  All the highs of your excitements are accompanied by the low trough of that very dancing wave, in time.  For how could the overall level of the ocean be changed..  We must keep our sites aimed high, from the panoramic view where the waves and trofts aren’t even noticeable, and are of no consequence to us. Otherwise we can’t escape the accompaniment of hate with love, despair with happiness, etc.  We need to control our reactions and remain at the center of the pendulum’s swing. We are all prodigal sons, we all came from God; that great consciousness initially.  We are part of the dream, a small bit of consciousness set apart for a time as a mere reflection of consciousness itself.  You must find truth itself, not from thin air around you but as a plant gets its main flow of nourishment; absorbed up though our very roots in deep profound understanding.. a result of deep profound searching and tapping into grace.  If your contemplative efforts are continuing and sincere , you will begin to tap into that great flow of life itself, the flow itself starts to gather you up into it, yielding its very secrets to you as you are able to encompass them.

Jesus wouldn’t have given us the beatitude to love the lord God with all thy heart, soul, mind, and  strength, if it were not potentially possible to do so.  He said “What I have done ye can do also”.  He came to help.  We see by his very example what is possible.  Miracles are nothing.. think of the ecstasy of being  in love with God and being one with all that is..  intimately contented   finally…forever.

Science has found that matter is only varying levels of energy.. just as a whirring propeller seems to be a disc.  All matter vibrates.  And even science is catching up to the fact that that energy itself is varying levels of awareness; “the word of God”; the essence of the consciousness that permeates creation.

But each must set out on this vast exploration home on his own, as experience is the great alchemy.  Someone tried to help a struggling butterfly emerge from its cocoon, and it didn’t survive.  We must put out the energy and find the direction each on his own.  It is a daunting task but one we must start to condition ourselves for, and it is the fight of our lives..indeed our many lives, to finally master ourselves and dissolve into oneness with all that is.  Then there will be no little self except that ego which we needed to evolve.  But it will be put in its subservient place once more, and we will be omnipresent.

“I and my father are one”


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