The Life and Times album is just that; the life of a young western Canadian  prairie girl becoming old within the dedicated lifestyle of a wandering minstrel, and the times that best defined that quest.  From the very first single about my home town “Calahoo”, through the journey into  Nashville’s music row as a staff writer and a spot on “Capitol” records, to my forming of a sweetly harmonied trio of myself, Allen Estes, and Tom Grant;  that became “Trinity Lane” for the famed “Curb” label project-- to champion so many wonderful players and intricately innovative arrangements, but never getting off the ground—to the return to Canadian label “Royalty” for a final album release. The Nashville “A team” session players performing on these cuts are too many to number on a small panel of text. They range from Mark O’Connor to Pig Robbins, to Michael Rhodes, Fats Caplin, and the list goes on. Listing co-writers too, would be too vast. But , the producers involved are Norro Wilson, Jim Malloy, Billy Joe Walker Jr., Jerry Crutchfield, George Bradfute, Gaye Delorme, and Chas Williams. Finally I had settled into working day jobs with a family of 2 kids plus 1, and husband Bobby Crowell. Still, there was the lure.  Too many loose ends.  The Capitol; “The Bottom Line” and the Royalty: “Bringing it Home” albums had long been out of circulation, and people couldn’t acquire the songs they had enjoyed on the radio waves.  Then there were those ”Trinity Lane” sessions lost in obscurity that I dearly wanted to share.  Suddenly one day in Feb of 2011, Larry Delaney compiled a list of my accomplishments for a half page spread in “Country Music News” magazine, and sought me out.  I was astonished to see I had accumulated more than 64 cuts on songs I had written, from Lisa Brokop’s version of “Give Me Ring Sometime”, to Susan Jacks, Lucille Starr..even the Judds had recorded my tunes.  I had just written a little song for my uncle Bruce York to sing, inspired by Ian Tyson’s cowboy way, about  a little old ranch-hand writer I had met in the 80’s. He was called “Springtime Johnny”, and had befriended Ian in the early days, experiencing some of the campfire song  ideas  that would flourish into that wonderful  Canadiana folklore.  I  responded to the article by releasing “Springtime Johnny” as a single to Canadian radio-- thus the chain of events was put into motion resulting in this whole “Life and Times” album.  I was to go back into the studio with George Bradfute at “The Tone Chaparral”; Jim Reeves’ old house-- just outside of Nashville, and start writing and recording.  We immersed ourselves in that sweet nectar of new tunes once again being brought to life.  I don’t have room enough on this album for all I’ve been writing.  There may have to be another..  Suffice it to say, in the words of Kahlil Gibran;  “In the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures, for in the dew of little things—the heart finds it’s morning   And is refreshed.”  Thank you for all the years you all have been absorbing my music.  This has made the giving all the more sweet.




Thanks to Joe and Trudy Wood, and Lauren Tutty at RDR music, brother Aaron Anderson sending drum-tracks over the waves, GEORGE BRADFUTE for your musical mastery, MICHAEL SHELLARD my sweet and loyal friend with the magic touch. ALSO MELANIE TOWNSEND FOR SUCH WARMLY WONDERFUL ALBUM DESIGNS and your friendship back at the Ingram “day-job”.  Thanks also to my husband Bobby Crowell for all you are to me and our beautiful kids Nathan, Emily and Robert. THANK YOU KIM BEGGS FOR WRITING “LONG GONE FREE” WITH ME - AND THE LENDING OF YOUR VOICE. Thank you Allen Estes and Tom Grant for the beautiful dream that became our “Trinity Lane” trio. (the songs; Ready to take that Ride, Indian Eyes, For a Song.. and may this unleashing of these first three be only the tip of the Trinity Lane ice-burg of inspiration that awaits to be discovered in those un-tapped vaults at Curb records.) AND thanks so much Harlan (Smith) of Royalty records for your guidance.  Gaye Delorme has passed away this summer. He was a giant inspiration and will be missed dearly. His work with Miles Jackson on Springtime Johnny was captivating. To Chas Williams,  may I say about your dobro playing, that my finding you again, my old friend-- was the spark that brought these songs to a life they never could have otherwise known..such beauty is in your spirit and your instrument.  It simply brings me home.. deeply home. To George Bradfute, I am eternally grateful that you lent your huge talent and big heart at every turn to the production of this little project.  It was a labor of love for you as for showed by your tireless dedication.  Your violin strings, cello, and guitar/bass/mandolin parts were from the heavenly realms-- I would have captured those exact musical sentiments myself, had I but access to the vision and intuition you possess.  You are a master of subtle beauty.


My friend Cris Cuddy is kinda responsible for me swingin' back into the music arena after 20 or so years of hibernation.  He's from Ontario, and was stayin over at Douggie Beals house doing some recording in Nashville.  He kept wanting to write with me, and he brought me over to meet George, who of course did my album.  Cris and i wrote wonderful songs..and i want to get more of them going.  He has a large cult following in Canada (and around music row here) His songs always come out sounding like classics!

I made a new friend in the making of this album too, Dave Wood of "In the Country" web radio interviewing.  We ended up writing one of the songs together; "A Love Like That".  A warm thank you Dave.


And finally, my best thank you to my forever friend; Swami Kriyananda.  Your music, Sir—inspires me like no other.


Some of the musicians: (the songs formerly on the Capitol, Royalty and Curb labels) Paul Leim, John Gardner, Bob Wray, Pig Robbins, Weldon Myrick, Sonny Garrish, Steve Turner, Terry McMillan, Hank Singer, Paul Franklin, Chris Leuzinger, Mark O’Connor, Reggie Young, Eddie Bayers, Michael Rhodes, Larry Byrom, John Jarvis, Billy Joe Walker Jr., Allen Estes, Tom Grant, Kim Nash, Bill Nash, Johnny Cymball, Gary Smith, Wayland Patton, Matt Rollings, Liana Manis, Jerry Crutchfield, Roy Drusky Jr,. OUR NEW SESSIONS produced by George Bradfute (Long Gone Free, Hiway Solution, Other Side of Life, Heavenly Love, A Love like That, Henrietta, Springtime Johnny, Buried Treasure, Valley of Forgiveness, Uncle, Out of My Heart, Forever, Angel, Blue, Gethsemene, and My Jesus) feature Michael Shellard- acc. guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals, harmonies, percussion, George Bradfute- cello, electric guitars, accustic guitars, mandolin, violin,bass, Chas Williams –dobro and Chas also played guitars, bass, banjo, drums etc and produced/engineered “I Got Love”, Gaye Delorme- mandolin, Spanish accustic guitar, Miles Jackson -piano, harmonies,  Sharon Anderson -vocals, harmonies, accustic guitar,percussion,  Aaron Anderson -drums, Pat McInerney -drums and percussion, Fats Kaplin- violin, steel,accordian Kim Beggs- harmonies, Gord Maxwell-bass on “The Other Side of Life”..awesome.


1. Long Gone Free, written by Sharon Anderson, Kim Beggs

2. Hiway Solution, written by Sharon Anderson

3. The Other Side Of Life, written by Sharon Anderson, Michael Shellard

4. Heavenly Love, written by Sharon Anderson

5. A Love Like That, written by Sharon Anderson, Dave Wood

6. Henrietta, written by Sharon Anderson

7. Springtime Johnny, written by Sharon Anderson

8. Buried Treasure, written by Chas Williams, Sharon Anderson

9. I Got Love, written by Chas Williams ,Sharon Anderson

10. Valley of Forgiveness, written by Sharon Anderson

11. Ready To Take That Ride, written by S Anderson, Allen Estes, Tom Grant, Chris Hill

12. For A Song, written by Sharon Anderson, Allen Estes

13. Indian Eyes, written by Allen Estes, Sharon Anderson, Tom Grant

14. Angel, written by Sharon Anderson

15. Give Me A Ring Sometime, written by Sharon Anderson, Bob Moulds, Cris Bergsness

16. The Wheel Of Love, written by Johnny Cymbal, Gary Smith, Sharon Anderson

17. Unbelievable Love, written by Sharon Anderson, Johnny Cymbal

18. Pony, written by Sharon Anderson

19. I Take It Back, written by Sharon Anderson, Wayland Patton

20. Out of my Heart, written by Sharon Anderson, Michael Shellard

21. Forever, written by Sharon Anderson, Rick Ferrell

22. Blue, written by Sharon Anderson, Cris Cuddy, Peter Cronin

23. Gethsemene, written by Sharon Anderson

24. My Jesus, written by Sharon Anderson