well, i haven't scanned the article in yet..been so busy with my horse page, but it wrote that the album was "Solid"..that's gotta be good, right?  and Larry Delaney also returned my thank you email, saying congratulations on a  "neat" album.

He points out some of the songs, and Canadian co-writers etc.  I'm Jazzed!



Feb 2011 edition of Country Music News by Larry Delaney


Sharon Anderson has quietly carved out a career as a singer songwriter that few Canadian female artists have achieved.  The Calahoo Alberta bred performer first began her career in her native Alberta where she worked closely with Canadian country/rock band One Horse Blue  and during the mid 1980‘s she broke onto the Nashville scene as a member of the trio Trinity Lane with fello Nashville songwriters Allen Estes and Tom Grant.  As a Curb Records act in Nashville, Trinity Lane scored three Billboard Country Chart hits in 1988.


By the early 90’s Sharon was pursuing a solo career, releasing her debut album The Bottom Line, in the USA and Canada on Capitol Records. While the album lacked promotion Stateside, three singles, Unbelievable Love, Pony, and The Wheel Of Love all charted well in Canada. Sharon followed up on that success with the release of a second album, Bringing It Home, on Royalty Records; with the 1995 single I Take It Back, attracting heavy airplay in Canada.


But it was Sharon Anderson’s songwriting that would eventually lead to her biggest successes. Her song Give Me A Ring Sometime was cut by fellow Canuck Lisa Brokop in 1994 and it became Brokop’s debut appearance on the Billboard Country Hits Charts in the USA. Sharon’s songs were also being picked up by various Nashville recording artists with several indie artist releases to her credit. Additionally, she had her songs picked up by such a mainline acts as Alan Jackson, The Judds, Highway 101, ect. Although those tunes never made the finals cuts on the artists albums.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Sharon’s songs were being turned into hits. Canadian Hall of Famer Lucille Starr cut Back To You, which became the title track of a comeback album by the legendary singer. Sharon’s longtime friend on the Alberta scene, Laura Vinson, cut her song High Fashion Queen, and it was an early career chart hit got Vinson, and she went on to record several more of Sharon’s tunes. Similarly, Susan Jacks enjoyed a ‘comeback’ hit in 1988 with the Sharon Anderson composition Tell Me About It. Many other Canadian artists also tapped into Sharon’s songwriting including popular radio stars such as Donna & LeRoy, Danny Hooper, Amber Dawn Fleury, The Poverty Plainsmen, ect. (see accompanying list) Sharon Anderson now makes her home in Nashville, with her husband and teenage son and daughter. She works as a Bookblock editor for Lightning Source an affiliate of Ingram Publishing, and continues to dabble with her songwriting.

SHARON ANDERSON was featured on the Cover of COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS in August, 1995; and has had her albums The Bottom Line and Bringing It Home reviewed in CMN. In the 1980’s, as a member of the Nashville trio Trinity Lane, she saw three of the group’s songs reach the Billboard Country Hits charts, including two tune that she had a hand in writing.




Give me a ring sometime: Lisa Brokop (#52/1994)

For a song: Trinity Lane- (#75/1988)

Ready to take that ride: Trinity Lane (#90/1988)



How can I pull myself together: Trinity Lane

I know a good thing when it’s gone: Helen Darling

I know a good thing when it’s gone: Robin Harper

Indian eyes: Trinity Lane

It never stops: Paul David Wells

Long days: Brandon Carter

Long days: Erin Hay

The first man in my life: Jenna Kofman

The girl just loves to dance: Larry Mangum



Ain’t no cure for love: Amber Dawn Fleury

Back to you: Lucille Starr

Back to you: Joanne Rose

Blue heart at midnight: Cameron Molloy

Blue heart at midnight: Eli Barsi

Blues by another name: Amber Dawn Fleury

Come September: Cori Brewster

Comin’ down with a heartache: Desiree Erickson

Devil’s train: One Horse Blue\Devil’s train: Michael Shellard


Down and out this way again: Desiree Erickson

Downhill run: Desiree Erickson

Drivin’ roads: Ali bright

Farther to fall: Ali Bright

Farther to fall: The poverty plainsmen

Give me a ring sometime: Lisa Brokop

High fashion queen: Laura Vinson

High fashion queen: Wanda Faro

I don’t show it: Allen Estes


I know a good thing when it’s gone: Danny Hooper

I know a good thing when it’s gone: Ali Bright

I must remember it all wrong: Terri Harris

I saved the best for last: Li Dyley

I take it back: Joanne Myrol

I wish you weren’t gone: Laura Vinson

I’d take the heartache: Amber Dawn Fleury

I’d take the heartache: Sayler Reins

If you want to go away: Laura Vinson

Let’s make a memory: Donna & LeRoy

Looking for you: Amber Dawn Fleury

Love you forever tonight: Doug Clarkson

Love’s looking for me: One Horse Blue

Meet me in the middle: Miranda Jackson

More than a little love: Ruth Cooper

One by one: Lj Dayley

Pretty good Shape: Cameron Molloy

Ride the wind: One horse blue

Shakey Ground: Debbie Nelson

Still love runs deep: Maxine MacLeod

Tell me about it: Susan Jacks

Tennessee Moon: Cameron Molloy

That’s as far as I’ll go: Amber Dawn Fleury

The girl just loves to dance: Cindy Lee

Long Gone: The Judds


Too Cool: Tracy Ramsay

Velvet glove: Nadine Wood

Waiting on the wind: Eli Barsi

You: Wendy Lee Stewart


(#39 in a series featuring CANADIAN songwriters researched & Compiled by Larry Delaney/ CMN)



" Her love of this life that is her legacy is apparent in this peaceful  return to the Rockies,  and these indelible images of the springtime of a most memorable career."Produced by the intensely inspiring Grammy nominated guitarist/producer /writer Gaye Delorme;

Here, lovingly offered is “Springtime Johnny”.

Credits for Springtime Johnny are as follows:

Musical direction and production assistance by producer/engineer/musician George Bradfute at Tone Chapparal Studio in Madison TN.

Also by producer/engineer/musician Miles Jackson at Ma-Me-O Music Studio, Mameo Beach, Alberta.

Spanish guitar and Mandolin                        Gaye Delorme

Electric guitar, cello, upright bass                       George Bradfute

Piano, vocal harmonies, drums                    Miles Jackson

Vocal, acoustic guitar, and harmony vocals               Sharon Anderson

Mastered by Miles Jackson at Ma-Me-O Music Studio, Mameo Beach, Alberta

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OMG.... this is just wild.  We just listened to Spring Time Johnny.  I will send this as far and wide as I can.  Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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