Sprintime Johnny single - available at cd baby/ details to come


there's a little slideshow there on Springtime Johnny

you can also buy a 99 cent download mp3 of the song at


to all the folks who wondered where i've been, I'll try and build this thing.

if it goes well, i'll be able to upload lots of my songs and albums, videos from the archives etc..

i am also doing a recording of my songs featured in my "As if Smiling" book and

i'll try and get that out in the months to come.

plus this new Life and Times album will be peaceful and folky. 

Thanks for listening all these years.

make sure you request Springtime Johnny at your local

(especially Canadian) country/folk/public access/ university-- radio station. 

That'll help get this momentum going.

cheers, and thank you all

New Addition: 6 Performance videos at www.youtube.com/sharonlenoreanderson - I'm singing during the Capitol Release of The Bottom Line album, at Summer Lights in Nashville in 91

The songs featured are Ribbons of Steel, Pony, The Bottom Line, Say When, Too Cool, and of course the afore mentioned slideshow promo view of the new single Springtime Johnny.  Enjoy


Up and Coming Videos - Live at Expo in Vancouver BC 1985

you can tell, i'm not selling much at this point.  the single Springtime Johnny is for sale at cdbaby--aside from that i have so far just provided you with things you might enjoy, and posted them in their entirety.  The new album "Sharon Anderson Life and Times" will be coming out at some point, so stay tuned for that in months to come.

come to the site as often as you want and just listen.  And, watch what i'll be adding to youtube. 


i'm getting an old beta video made into dvd of my Expo performance.  ONE HORSE BLUE fans will love this, as i share the stage with Michael Shellard, Rocko Vaugeois, Gord Maxwell, Pete Sweetzer, and guitar legend Andreas Schuld.

I'll even be singing RIDE THE WIND; the One Horse BLUE single i penned with Rocko.

Stay tuned..this is gonna be High Cotton!


Sharon and Ollies's book "Between the Twilight and the Rim" is now available as an ebook online.


 Also, the Audio companion  free mp3 download can be accessed above under the audiobooks tab. (This features Sharon reading the book out loud. Ouite inspiring with the gentle music of Swami Kriyananda in the background)  And, Ollie's little characters illustrated in the book,ebook, or youtube video, are not to be missed also!


Music video and commentary slideshows at





see a super album review in the Jan. COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS.. SEE PRESS/REVIEWS PAGE!!

on amazon or cdbaby  

"the bottom line" album mp3 download, and       "Life and times" albums or downloads are available  "bringing it home" also available as mp3 downloads



The official Sharon website is


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Raymond Vandermeys

 This one is mostly my memories and musings, and you are always welcome here too..

Recent news: Sharon Anderson Life and Times has been pressed and you can click the  LIFE AND TIMES FACTS page above for info on the whole 24 song album.  There's also a RADIO page above that features an interview and radio play on the singles, etc.


NEW SINGLE folks (March 2012)  see Radio Page -and it's The Video on the lower left (Home page view)  "I Got Love" written by Dobro great Chas Williams and myself.  Chas produced, engineered and played most of the instruments on this cut.  You can see more videos at www.youtube.com under SharonLenoreAnderson.


see new movie video on Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda under the Spiritual Endeavors page


  as some of you know, i have a large library

of songs, and have done some recording with Capitol, Curb, and Royalty.   i've also written some books that i hope will be available soon. i'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you  who have been supportive of the music i've been a part of all these years.I started writing and recording again with producer/engineer/musician George Bradfute in Madison, just outside of Nashville and have also been writing and working at Chas Williams studio.

The youtube page and the cdbaby links here and at my main website feature some of my new material for download etc.  I'll try to keep you up to date.

love you best                                   S