The late 80’s in Nashville found my forming of friendships that created the  sweetly harmonied trio of myself, Allen Estes, and Tom Grant;  becoming “Trinity Lane” for the famed “Curb” label project-- to champion so many wonderful players and intricately innovative arrangements, but never getting off the ground.

To Allen Estes and Tom Grant, producers Norro Wilson and Jim Malloy, thank you for the beautiful dream that became our Trinity Lane Trio (the songs; “Ready to Take that Ride”, “For a Song”, and “Indian Eyes” featured here on the Life and Times album for the first time)..and may this unleashing of these first three songs be only the tip of the Trinity Lane  iceburg of inspiration that awaits to be discovered in those un-tapped vaults at Curb Records.


It wasn'l long after getting to Nashville, that i started going to songwriters nights, where i met Tom and Allen.  First Allen..there were no gigs, as i didn't as yet have any contacts and barely knew my way around.  But talk about a kid in a candy everywhere at a high calabre of it every direction you looked.  It was also a scarry nightmare had to be undaunted in your inner stability, confidence,  and fortitude.  This ended up being my undoing in the long run.  But write songs i did.  And Allen and I found our own little magical world to live in through our songs.  When we ran into Tom, he had an established career and had some contacts.  Our writings took on the flavor of intricate harmonies and well thought out arrangements that spread into popular and folk venues.  We were like a country Crosby Stills and Nash, or Mamas and Papas.  Norro Wilson took us on and Jim Malloy enlisted to co-produce with Norro.  So the three of us entered renowned  studios with a host of A team session players..there was the late stand up bass great Roy Drusky Jr.  standing off to one side striking a slim Jimmy Dean like persona with a cigar hanging out of his mouth, plunking away.  There was Pig Robbins on piano..a host of greats; John Gardner on percussion.  We had sitars, autoharps, flutes, and mood instruments of all kinds encorporated to accessorize our wandering style inspirations.  The three of us; me, Allen and Tom stood around 1 old fashioned microphone in the middle of large studio with our guitars, and sang and played together live off the floor with great players all around us.  It was electrifying..extremely charged, yet the music was subtle and intimate.  Total bliss.

Jim Whitehouse at Curb records signed us, and i guess about 20 or more songs got recorded in this manner. I remember him being excited as he could be.  And All Naions Music out of LA worked on the publishing side.  They would make the trip to Nashville for the sessions and spoiled us with all kind of attention and adoration. We just kept on writing.  When it came time though for the monetary push and backing from publishing and label, who knows what went wrong.  Was i getting a little cocky..prone to mood swings..Were the companies having some disagreements amongst themselves..they ultimately parted ways, and we were left standing there with no real oommph behind our singles, and no promotion in place.  Not even agency or publicity structure stayed in place to continue our purpose.  We had even been given acting and performing lessons.  It all fell away.  Except for the music.  It got stored somewhere, and is still as vibrant as ever.

why don't you see what Allen is up to these days, by the way.  you can find him at;

Funny thing about me doing this Life and Times album all these..almost 27 years later.  The momentum of writing and recording kicked up a little, and i seized the opportunity to once again embrace my music.  I wanted dearly to share the Trinity Lane songs.  I knew Hori Pro Publishing held our old catalog.  I brought some of our songs to George to resurrect the mixes for adding to my album.  He was astonished when he heard the quality.  He said "you need to let somebody at Hori Pro know what they have in their catalog!".  Well, i didn't know anyone at the company. 

In the weeks to come, i wondered how i would go about even approaching them on the subject of releasing 3 of the songs on my new Life and Times album.  And here, a curiosity..coincidence..happened.  Although, given my focus, and purpose, in was in a way inevitable.  Me and my husband Bob, daughter Emily and a host of Bob's cousins, nieces and kinfolk were gathered one enchanted evening at the Percy Warner park "Full Moon Pickin party" below a brightly glowing full moon at the big ol beautiful barn there with the scissor-tale barn swallows swooping in and out of the openings, and big ol 400 year old hackberry trees and horses standing in attendance.  There were groups of musicians gathering together just out of earshot of each other all round the side and back of the barn in the moonlight to spark off a tune amongst themselves.  Old A team players from Nashville's heyday were in attendance as were young up and comers..having a draft beer, open air charbroiled burgers, and fully immersing in the glow of folk and bluegrass swellings from every direction.  It was a scene Norman Rockwell would have loved to capture.  In front of our picnic table was the main stage where groups like the Farewell Drifters, Tin Cup Gypsy had the audience totally enthalled. 

Our little family get together was happily conversing and listening there, when up walked a young man with thoughtful shining eyes.  He sat down right at our table and started a conversation with me.  We talked of music from the 70s and 80s, and kinda got lost in time.  It was a beautiful connection.  When i finally asked the young man where he worked, he told me he was a lawyer for Hori Pro.  Well, there it was.  Before long i had made him aware of the Trinity Lane songs in his catalog, and secured the use of the 3 songs i was wanting to put on the album.

Let me say, in relation to this topic, that i had attracted this happening..of course, by my desire and open-ness to receiving it.  Thus my teachings have once again served me well.  You may wish to visit the Spiritual section of this website.  I'm going to point to a wonderful video from the Ananda website, with Dr. Peter Van Houten on the subject of the frontal lobes, and how brain cells incorporate other brain cells from less active areas of your brain, when your intent is strong in any certain direction.  Your intuition kicks in so strongly in these ways; offering help to your being in fact, that you have to be careful.  If your intent is sublimally to be angry or revengefull, your brain  cells will kick in to assist you in those endeavors too.. Careful!  I'll leave you with the thought then of seeing the doctor's stunning research in this arena;

The Brain: Engineered for Divinity
By Peter Van Houten, M.D.

here is the video..amazingly interesting!

and here is the text article;

(also see my spiritual endeavors page under "Archive letters about meditating")

Thank you for reliving my Trinity Lane experience with me.  I'll leave you with one cherished memory.  The late very great Kieth Whitley had invited us into his new bus to hear his latest album on his great stereo there, and played us his favorite tune; an old Lefty Frizzel song "I never go around mirrors".  Young mom to their new son; Lorrie Morgan was there at the table as was her little girl. Kieth was happy.  His face was shining as were the faces of his whole family.  He made fun of our name; "Trinity Lane", which was actually the name of a road in the bad part of town out near Madison.  The equally seedy road that ran adjacent to it was the notoriously skid rowed area of Dickerson Road.  Thus, instead of calling us Trinity Lane, he referred to us as Dickerson Road, with a sly little grin.  He wasn't long for this world,poor Kieth.. and i always fondly remembered that day in his bus.